Golden Snail Intensive Cream


Golden Snail Intensive Cream

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Golden Snail is a completely new, luxurious anti-aging line for women who need strong regeneration, visible effects and maximum comfort when using the product. The three base ingredients of all cosmetics from the Golden Snail line are the highest quality filtration from the golden snail, which has regenerating, rejuvenating, smoothing, soothing and moisturizing properties. It is very effective in fighting imperfections. It slows down the aging process, supports the treatment of wounds and scarring. In addition, we find here the extract of red Korean ginseng, which smoothes the skin and adds vitality. It has renewing and regenerative properties. It is rich in vitamins, microelements and organic acids. It works strongly rejuvenating. 24 carat gold has an anti-wrinkle and brightening effect. Cream, which is based on a filtrate from the snail slime. A unique recipe that solves many skin problems. For all skin types, regardless of age, with visible signs of aging, for skin that requires nourishment and regeneration, flabby, tired, with wrinkles and discoloration. It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Helps to overcome imperfections, regulates the production of sebum. It increases the tension and firmness of the skin. It has a brightening effect, relieves pigmentation changes. The high content of niacin improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis, increases moistness and stimulates cell repair. Adenosine prevents the formation of mimic wrinkles as well as the collagen breakdown. The improved formula provides deep nutrition.


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