Real Fruit Soothing Gel Green Apple


Real Fruit Soothing Gel Green Apple

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Real Fruit Soothing Gel Green Apple contains up to 95% of green apple juicy extracts, is a wealth of active substances for the skin, which has antibacterial, strongly moisturizing and softening properties and improves epidermal permeability. It is a valued antioxidant, prevents skin aging, has a positive effect on the condition of blood vessels and very effectively firms the skin, restoring elasticity and youthful appearance. Under the influence of preparations with apple extract, dull skin gains radiance, becomes silky soft and moisturized. Gel also contains lavender oil and active substances such as herbal extracts that effectively reduce subcutaneous fat, which is the main cause of cellulite. That is why Real Fruit Soothing Gel Green Apple is perfect as a daily preparation for your body care. The gel provides pleasure and relaxation for the body and senses, leaving a fresh delicate scent of juicy green apple. Regular use will repay you with extremely moisturized, beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.


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